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None of us want to live in a damp home.

The most common form of dampness in your home is condensation. This can lead to peeling internal decorations and damage fixtures and furniture.

Unhealthy conditions within the home can lead to damp issues and mould growth issues. 

Inadequate ventilation and modern day living styles. They both can lead to a build up of excessive humidity and possible moisture.

Poor indoor air quality, can also lead to serious health issues for asthma and allergy sufferers and be harmful to those with breathing difficulties.

Prevention of condensation

Less moisture

  • Keep lids on pans
  • Dry clothes outdoors
  • Use extractor fans in kitchen and


  • Check insulation, a warmer home
          will have less condensation.
  • Check all windows and doors for


  • Your home needs to be properly
  • Fitting condensation control units.
  • Fitting of extractor fans.
Recommended products to stop condensation

In conjunction with leading ventilation specialists, Sovereign. We recommend that you install the Sovereign concure anti-condensation unit, which will improve ventilation. It decreases humidity and gets rid of condensation.

Decreases humidity and eliminates condensation, black mould and mildew. Fitted with an intrinsically safety heater when necessary will automatically warm the re-circulated air to a temperature of 10°C. 

A very effective plus inexpensive way of eliminating black mould and improving the air quality. The ventilation system removes other airborne contaminants, including radon gas. 
Passive Vapour Vent:

A passive vapour vent encourages moisture to pass through due the differences between external and internal temperature and air pressure. 

This allows water vapour to pass to the outside whilst resisting rapid air movement preventing heat loss. 

The vent is also fitted with a specially designed cowl which is detrimental to the effects of external wind on performance.
Humidity tracking extractor fans:

A humidity tracing fan automatically increases its speed if the humidity is over 70% then decreases once the moisture levels reduce.

The humidity tracking fan is an inexpensive way to reduce condensation levels in your home. The fans are suitable for bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, and utility rooms.

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